We have built our studio with a firm focus on a Green and Clean environment. Sweat Body Lounge adheres to eco-friendly standards and ensures the construction of the studio was done with the betterment of the environment in mind. The materials and the building principles are in accordance with green environmental standards. After all, one of the most important principles of yoga is to be one and at peace with your surroundings.

At the Sweat Body Lounge yoga studio, we give you a custom designed studio that has been designed by the best local architects. It offers a space of over 2,403 sq. feet consisting of a cozy main lobby, the main yoga studio, and separate locker rooms for both men and women, with a shower in each. To facilitate our members, we will be selling mats, towels, workout clothes and other yoga items for your convenience in the studio lobby.

At Sweat Body Lounge, we give you a traditional, yet modern, yoga studio, resonating a sense of living, togetherness and health. We offer you a place that is harmonious with nature, peaceful and calming to the mind, body and soul. In order to make you feel this way, some of the features we have included in our studio are:

  • Natural Cork Studio Flooring
  • State-of-the-Art Heating Systems for Hot Yoga
  • Green Certified Cleaning Products
  • VOC-Free Paints

In order to make sure you find peace and calm when you come to Sweat Body Lounge, we have designed our studio to feel like a lounge. This way, you get an environment that provides a sanctuary which leads to a path of self realization and invigorates your spirit with the practice of yoga.