Mission Statement

Our Mission

Sweat Body Lounge was created with a mission to stay true to the foundations of yoga and the principles on which this system stands. For people going through a hard time overcoming stress in their lives, both physically and mentally, Sweat Body Lounge is here to help them get back on the right track.

At Sweat Body Lounge, we realize what the most difficult aspect of turning the pages towards a happy and fulfilling life are. In today’s world, the stress of work and family life with bad diet has drained us of the positive energy which drives us towards the future. For this reason Sweat Body Lounge has designed a mission statement that has yoga at its foundation.

We adhere to the foundational beliefs of yoga to charge you up with the energy and the will towards a happier and healthier life. These beliefs are:

  • Free our mind and spirit to become something better and greater
  • To truly learn the ways of Yoga
  • Stand for moral virtues, like nonviolence, truthfulness, compassion and kindness
  • Liberation through physical transformation
  • Liberation through visualization, ritual and subtle energy work
  • Learning to focus the energies of the mind and body

Sweat Body Lounge is on a mission to spread the word on health through the practice of yoga. We believe nothing is impossible IF you put your mind to it. It’s all about having the right state of mind and at Sweat Body Lounge we help people get fit and healthy. We make you sweat, in a good way so you can live a better and healthier life. After all, if you don’t break a few sweats, there is no way you will able to achieve anything in life.

Our Vision

Buddha once said: ‘The mind is everything, what you think, you become!’

We believe everybody has a chance to build and live a healthier and happier life. The only thing they need is the right motivation and mindset to start building it. With a goal to have a world where a majority of people live healthy happy lives, Sweat Body Lounge has a mission, to inspire people to follow the foundational beliefs of yoga. Sweat Body Lounge aims to work with our members to train them in the art of Yoga so they can work towards and maintain a healthy mind, body and soul, both inside and outside their homes.

We realize change can be difficult and it takes time to adjust your mind and body to the changes yoga brings. It is a process which positively changes you unconsciously towards better behaviors and beneficial patterns which lead towards a better life. This is why the first aspect of Yoga our practitioners will learn is the virtue of patience.

Sweat Body Lounge offers you the key to a blissful lifestyle and it begins with the mind. It is our vision to change your vision of the future into a blissful and blessed one. We give you the best, expertly trained Yoga coaches to perform exercises and techniques aimed to induce a positive state of mind.