What is Yoga

What is Yoga?

Coming from the Sanskrit word yuj, Yoga is a 5000-year old Indian way of attaining knowledge and peace. Yoga embodies the science of the Way of Life. It is a complete essence of the devotional bliss that leads to the path of mind control, blissfulness and a unifying balance between mind and body.

Yoga is an ancient discipline that helps you tap into your inner energy so that your mind and soul becomes the center of positivity and happiness. The word yoga literally means ‘to unite’ i.e. you become one with yourself and achieve better control over your emotions. But of course, this is not the only way in which yoga benefits the practitioner.

Benefits of Yoga

Many people who are not familiar with yoga restrict it to a set of poses (asanas), and as such, its benefits are only perceived to be affecting the body only. However, yoga is an all-encompassing discipline that unites the mind and body and helping you achieve great harmony.

Here are some of the major benefits of Yoga:

Boosts Intuitive Ability

To start off, by helping you focus on your subconscious, yoga boosts your intuition so that you become a good decision maker.

Weight Loss

Not only does the practice of different postures improve your body shape, but yoga also teaches you how to be more mindful of your food choices. Certain postures stimulate your liver, resulting in effective burning of fat deposits in your body. Similarly, yoga also activates your thyroid gland which boosts your metabolism to burn more calories.

Stress Relief and Better Sleep

Do you feel tired during the day because you didn’t sleep well at night? That is also a reason for high stress levels. It is a major problem among 75% of Americans. Only a few minutes of yoga helps relieve stress by reducing the stress chemicals in our body and stimulating the chemical called Adenosine that promotes sleep.

Not to mention, better sleep and stress relief collectively help you lose weight.

Energy Boost

Do you feel tired and fatigued? Yoga helps you feel fresh, even after a tiring day. Not to mention, yoga also boosts your immunity so that you don’t get sick.

Benefits of Hot Yoga

Yoga has many forms. But one of the most popular forms of yoga, one that is being endorsed by celebrities and athletes, is ‘Hot Yoga’. This is a style of yoga that takes place in heated rooms and studios, and follows the principles of Bikram yoga.

While you have just read the general benefits of yoga, here are some specific advantages of this particular form:

Improve Flexibility

If you experience stiffness in your joints and muscle pain, hot yoga can help you achieve new levels of flexibility. The heat seeps into your muscles and joints allowing you to move your limbs freely.

Breathing and Focus

Following a fixed yoga routine in a heated environment for weeks on end dramatically enhances your breathing, strength, and focus.


Finally, by practicing yoga in a ‘sweat room’, you will be to detoxify your muscles, organs, and glands.

In short, yoga is the answer to everything that you want in life, whether it is health or happiness. Join our heated yoga program today!