First time? What to Expect

Inspired to try yoga? Welcome aboard! At Sweat Body Lounge, we help you achieve health and wellness by following the sound principles of yoga.

However, we do understand first-timers are often uncomfortable (even scared) of what will happen in the yoga class. If you are having the same feelings, here is a brief overview of what you can expect in your first yoga session. Read on!

No Shoes

Yes, you are working out, but remember that yoga is practiced barefoot. You will be using your feet to grip the floor and also spread your toes when attempting different poses. So, make sure you give your feet a quick rinse before coming to the class.

Clothes for Yoga

The type of clothes you wear depends on the kind of yoga techniques you will be doing. When doing hot room yoga, for instance, you should wear clothes, which help your body breathe, as you will sweat a lot. Gym clothes are fine, but make sure they are loose to allow your body to move flexibly yet not form-hugging as it could highlight your contours. Some people are not comfortable with that.

Workout Time

Yoga sessions typically range from 45 to 90 minutes. Of course, in the beginning, your classes will be shorter as compared to advanced lessons. Also note that the first few minutes of your session are for relaxation so you can get ‘in the zone’. This is just like warm-up in a gym, but the difference is you are warming up both your mind and body.

Yoga Poses

All yoga poses come from years of development of this discipline. So, don’t be alarmed if you hear Sanskrit words. Your instructors will tell you how each movement is done. Hence, no need to worry.

Note: If you are experiencing joint pain or any other uneasiness you may think will interfere with your session, communicate with the instructor beforehand.

Class Conduct

Yoga is not like running or power-lifting. For starters, it is a quiet endeavor, which encourages you to focus on your inner self. In this respect, students are discouraged from talking during the sessions so they don’t disturb anyone’s concentration. You can, however, expect some music.

After the Session

Following each class, you will be given some time for rest, contemplation, and reflection. We encourage you to take advantage of this time to connect with your thoughts, after all yoga is said to produce enlightenment.

Not So Scary, Is It?

There you have it. Contrary to what anyone says, yoga is one of the most wonderful things you can do for improving life. So, come on over and try it for yourself!